Baby Gear Lending Program

Baby Gear Lending Program
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Check out our baby gear loaner program to help with your fostering needs. Any foster parent associate of the Foster Care Auxiliary OR any caretaker of an Orange County court dependant child (referred by social worker) in need of equipment may check out baby gear as available.

Usual Items Available:  Strollers- single and double
Car Seats- infant and toddler
Pack & Plays
Swings/Infant Seats/Rockers

If you are an associate of Foster Care Auxiliary and would like something from the list above, make an appointment with Milcah at Foster Care Auxiliary to pick up the item (s).

If you are not a member of Foster Care Auxiliary, contact Joanna Hussey at or 714-704-8255 to ask if she can refer you. After Joanna has emailed your referral to the Foster Care Auxiliary,  contact us with your needs.

It is expected that the caretaker will use the gear for an Orange County court
dependant child for up to six months and return the gear to the Foster Care
Auxiliary to be reused by another caretaker.

Appointment is needed to obtain baby gear items

                 Ask for Milcah – 714 778-3383 or
333 S. Brookhurst Street, Anaheim, CA  92804